Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 CO State and Open Wrap Up

The dust has settled from the weekend, USA Weightlifting just released a set of qualifying total grids for the upcoming year and as a result I have an even better meet report to share. This year's CO State and Open was the largest local meet ever held in Colorado. It was a two day, two platform event with close to 160 athletes. Paul Fleschler, the Front Range Weightlifting Club and host venue CrossFit SoCo did a fantastic job producing the meet!

Kicking things off for Flatirons Weightlifting Team in the second session session of lifting on the Blue Platform, 58kg Youth lifter Kyra Barnes in her first meet went 6/6, qualifying with an 84kg total for the Youth Nationals in May in Minneapolis.

Also lifting in the second session on the Red Platform in her first meet Kinsey Hindman went 6/6 snatching 53kg and C/J 70kg for a 123kg total. Masters athlete Julie "J-Rap" Mitchell had a 6/6 Gold Medal performance easily qualifying for National Masters, Pan Am Masters and World Cup Masters with her 52/75/127 performance.

In the third session of the day on the Blue Platform, 69kg Junior lifter Ben Jaros posted a 30kg total PR with a 5/6 185kg performance (80/105/185) which qualified him for the 2016 Junior Nationals and won him the Gold Medal and title of Co State Champion!

Lifting in the same session on the Red Platform, 77kg Jake Sterny improved on his University Nationals performance last September with a 5kg total PR going 3/6 with 100/115/215kg.

Session 4 featured the women's 63kg class. Unfortunately, Dr. Mandi Schaeffer-Fry suffered a bad strain a few days from the meet and couldn't compete. Alexis Bennett having moved down from 69kg class to the 63kg class went 3/6, besting her previous 63kg meet total by 28kg with a 61/73/134kg Silver Medal performance (which also bested her last 69kg performance by 3kg! Lighter, faster and stronger!)  Jordan Pepe, who recently relocated to Colorado from Alabama, won the Gold and the title of CO State and Open Champion  lifting 72/80/152kg and making all 6 of her attempts. We hope Jordan will be lifting with us on a regular basis!

The 85kg Men lifted in the last session of the day. Master Ron Robinson went 5/6 hitting 60/78/138 in his very first meet. Brian Bender produced meet PRs in the Snatch, C/J and Total with 111/140/251, an 8kg total improvement: enough to win the Silver Medal and qualify him for the American Open in Reno this December. Keeping the medals going for the team, Masters athlete Michael Herring took  Gold medal  honors with a 205kg total performance which qualified him for National Masters, Pan Am Masters and World Cup Masters.

Sunday morning Session 6 featured the 69kg women. Master Kandi Lagas, Senior Katie Bender and Junior Elizabeth Ady kept the medals coming. Kandi took Masters Gold (and made the biggest jump for a C/J PR I have ever seen in a meet, 13kg) going 5/6 with a 45/80/125 total which qualified her for National Masters, Pan Am Masters and World Cup Masters. Katie Bender brought home the Silver medal with a 5/6 performance, 62/76/138 for PRs in Snatch, C/J and total with a 5kg improvement! Junior Elizabeth Ady had a great first meet, going 5/6 with 48/67/115kg and taking the Junior Silver Medal!

The 94kg Class was a hotly contested session with an exciting finish. Alexios Anest moved up from 85kg class to 94kg Class and with a bothersome knee manged to go  3/6 with an 88/105/193kg effort. He went 150kg total as an 85 in his last meet, maybe 94kg is his
weight class! Nick Contino started his day off with a strong, easy 115kg snatch but failed to make 120kg twice. Clean and jerks were not much kinder, missing his opener at 145, he made 146 on his second attempt and missed 150 on his third. Nonetheless, Nick put up 115/146/261 enough to win the Silver and also qualify for the American Open in December! Jason Thomas started things off  strong with a PR 124kg snatch. After missing his opening 150kg Clean and Jerk twice, Jason needed the third attempt to not only stay in the meet, but to win it! It was a great clutch effort and he pulled it off with the last lift of the session, winning the Gold Medal, the CO State Champion title going 124/150/274 and enough to qualify for the American Open.

The last session of the day featured the 105kg and +105kg Men on the Red Platform and the 75kg and +75kg Women on the Blue Platform. Doug Gilkey, lifting in his first meet in the 105s put up 78/107/185 to take the Masters Silver Medal in his very first meet and enough to qualify him for Masters Nationals and Masters Pan Ams! Way to go Doug! Madeleine Foley lifting in her second meet went 5/6 finishing with 56/63/119kg which represents 10kg PR snatch, 15kg PR C/J and a 25Kg PR total over her first meet. Great job Madeleine! Finishing up for Flatirons, Erica Berzins had a very nice  5/6 performance with 60/85/145, a 1kg PR total for her. Erica has been on a long comeback trail with back issues, great effort and patience Erica!

Bottom Line: Out of our 19 lifters, we produced 1 National Junior Qualifier, 3 American Open Qualifiers, 4 Masters Nationals and Pan Am Qualifiers ( three of which also qualified for World Cup Masters) 6 Gold Medals and Six Silver Medals, not a bad weekend's work. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard and lifted so well!

There is absolutely no way we would have pulled this off without the dedicated work of our athlete coaches. Shout outs to Alexis Bennett, Jake Sterny, Steven Butcher and Mandi Fry for all their logistical work organizing and giving rides to and from the meet, keeping the athletes focused and on track in the warm up room and helping get the best out of them on the competition platform. Also, thanks to Brian Dwyer for his help in the warm up room and helping with rides, to Brian and Katie for schlepping me around town, providing Chipotle, Coffee and Jimmy Johns! And thanks to everyone who came out to cheer us on, I know how far the Springs is to travel, especially in iffy weather. Last but not least, thanks to Brian Rosol of Flatirons Performance Center home of Flatirons Crossfit for all the support and the best training facility one could hope for!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Upcoming Clinics

Two biggies this month:

We will be hosting the USAW Level 2 National Coach Certification May 10-11, Paul Fleschler will be leading. For more info and to sign up, click here must be registered by May 5!!!

May 16-18 legendary kettlebell expert Jeff Martone will be leading the Crossfit Kettlebell Certification as well as an additional two, very valuable special interest kettlebell clinics: Friday the 16th the H2H Rotational Strength and  Sunday after the Cert the Kettlebell Sport Clinic. Jeff is one of the few men in the US to attain the ranking Master of Sport in the brutal kettlebell sport Long Cycle event, don't miss this opportunity!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lifting All That Weight

Thanks to Austin Finnell for sending me the link for this awesome weightlifting and beer commercial.

Free PBR to the first person who identifies the weightlifter in the commercial.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drop Ins Welcome for Weightlifting Club

If you are an experienced weightlifter (whether from a Crossfit affiliate or USAW athlete) and you find yourself in Boulder on business, vacation, looking over CU etc. feel free to drop in for a workout. Just drop us an e-mail to give us a heads up. Drop in charges are listed on the right side of this page. If you are here for a week or more, we can work out a special rate.

Last summer David was in town for his daughter's softball tournament (the Colorado Sparkler) and stopped by to get a few workouts in. I was happy to hear from David again this year and he stopped by our new facility yesterday to get a workout in.

Watching David warm up I commented that hadn't remembered him being a splitter. He replied, "Yeah, last year I was in Boulder training and this coach named Randy Hauer showed me the split and encouraged me to try it. I like it, it works for me so I never went back to the squat style."

Oops. Very funny and a little bit embarrassing that I had forgotten that, but it just goes to show you never know what coaching tip might make a difference. Or when. Or how much.
Great to see you again David! I'll remember next year if you pass through Boulder again.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I will try to keep up better with this blog. I have been updating fairly regularly over on the Olympic Weightlifting page at
Much of what I will be posting here will likely be copy and paste from my posts there, minus weather closure updates and the like.
Another page on blogger that I use to communicate with my weightlifting club is
Thanks for following and I'll endeavor to post more regularly.